London Pizza

Best pizzeria in London

Pepperoni Pizza
Amazing pepperoni made from top flour with mozarella and italian sausage
Baked Potatoes with herbs
Made from great potatoes
Pasta Carbonara
Pasta with classic carbonara sauce, based on eggs and parmezan. Made only on spaghetti pasta.
Pesto Dip
We make it with fresh basil and olive
Pita Bread
A different type of bread we offer... great for salads
Pizza Calbrese
Calbrese pizza is made with fresh tuna base with dried tomatoes and basil!
Pizza carbonara
made from best ingridients
Pizza Modern Calbera
Spinach based pizza with green onions and salami. Special buffalo mozarella as add-on
Pizza Spicy Italian
An extra spicy pizza with special HOT sauce and Crudo Ham